Beersafe – An underground cooler that keeps the party going.

The Beersafe cooler allows you to keep up to 16 drinks cold at once year-round without the need for modern refrigeration or electricity.

Proudly made in Germany in collaboration with and assembled in the United States, Beersafe utilizes a rigid plastic pipe container that is buried in the ground. A stainless steel drink rack securely fits inside the container, and with a handle and bottle opener at the top, allows you to easily access your favorite drink. The cooler temperature of the ground naturally refrigerates your drinks, while a cap on the top of the container provides protection from the elements.

Beersafe gives you the convenience of never having to step outside your backyard to grab a cold drink. By naturally cooling your drinks, you also have the opportunity to save in energy costs and give back to the environment. We look forward to helping you enjoy many future cold ones!